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37 Fantastic Frameless Glass Shower Door Ideas

37 FANTASTIC FRAMELESS GLASS SHOWER DOOR IDEAS Frameless glass shower doors have surged in popularity in recent years as homeowners develop a taste for clean and minimalist aesthetics. Manufacturers have responded by creating a wide selection of frameless shower door designs and styles. While having options is a good thing, it has also left many homeowners torn about the best choice for them. Which type of glass is the best? What kind of hinges do I go for? We try to answer these and many more questions in our comprehensive frameless doors guide. Whether you are thinking [...]

43 Stunning Wine Cellar Design Ideas That You Can Use Today

43 Stunning Wine Cellar Design Ideas That You Can Use Today A great wine cellar is all about creating a controlled environment.  Whether it is located in a sprawling mansion or in a tiny apartment, design options are virtually limitless.  However, if temperature and humidity are not controlled properly, your precious wine may not age in the right way. Our wine cellar ideas roundup showcases some of the most creative designs. If you are thinking of setting up your own wine cellar at home, these design ideas and guidelines should provide some inspiration. Wine Cellar Climate Control [...]

29 Magnificent Mudroom Ideas to Enhance Your Home

29 MAGNIFICENT MUDROOM IDEAS TO ENHANCE YOUR HOME A mudroom acts as a transition between the outdoors and the indoors, mainly functioning as a hold for things that would clutter up the house. These include footwear, wet clothes and sports gear. Mudrooms have been around for several decades now but have become increasingly popular as American homes have become bigger. So much so that they have transitioned from their initial entryway design into dedicated storage rooms. In this blog round up, we present a collection of mudroom images to help you get started on your own mudroom ideas. We also [...]

33 Custom Bathrooms to Inspire Your Own Bath Remodel

33 CUSTOM BATHROOMS TO INSPIRE YOUR OWN BATH REMODEL A custom bathroom is very much an extension of you. It reflects your style, it represents your tastes and it exudes your personality. Just stepping into it fills you with untold serenity and bliss. When building a new home or undertaking a renovation, most homeowners resort to cookie cutter bathrooms. These bathrooms consist of ordinary designs that have no character of their own; soulless spaces that are created only for their practical use, while ignoring their effect on the mind and soul. This is not the kind of bathroom you [...]

The Most Amazing Video Game Room Ideas to Enhance Your Basement

THE MOST AMAZING VIDEO GAME ROOM IDEAS TO ENHANCE YOUR BASEMENT Movie lovers have their home theater, bookworms have a home library, and gardening enthusiasts have their flower gardens. What do video gamers have? A home video game room of course. We have seen some good video game rooms, we have seen some unique ones, and we have certainly seen some wild ones. For video game lovers, having the right place to play your games is essential to your enjoyment and comfort. You could choose to play on the couch in the living room or on your bed but your [...]

50 Amazing Farmhouse Sinks to Make Your Kitchen Pop

50 AMAZING FARMHOUSE SINKS TO MAKE YOUR KITCHEN POP Farmhouse Sink Styles Also called apron-front sinks, farmhouse sinks are a favorite among homeowners. While it is associated with traditional and country house decors, it has also found its place in modern and contemporary abodes. It is loved for its deep capacity, practical convenience and charming style. If you are planning to install a farmhouse apron sink, there are several styles you can choose from depending on your needs, budget and taste. Below, we provide a rundown of the various options available in the market. We also have a guide [...]

Why Basement Kid Caves are the New Man Cave

WHY BASEMENT KID CAVES ARE THE NEW MAN CAVE   Ever stubbed your toe on a toy truck? Tripped over a doll? Scrambled to hide the explosion of toys in your family room before company comes? Or maybe you’ve resigned yourself to your bedroom while your children and their friends take over the family room. Most parents, even the most organized ones, will likely answer a resounding, “YES!” If so, maybe it’s time to consider a kid cave. So what exactly is a kid cave? Like the man cave and she shed, a kid cave is retreat, a room that [...]

How to Systematically Choose the Right Contractor

HOW TO SYSTEMATICALLY CHOOSE THE RIGHT CONTRACTOR When planning a home remodeling project, homeowners face a long list of worries and concerns. How much will it cost? Will it take too long? Is this really the right move? But there is one question that homeowners could benefit from asking more often: how do I hire the right contractor? According to the CFA (Consumer Federation of America) and NACAA (National Association of Consumer Agency Administrators), contracting is the top complaint among homeowners doing home improvement. Another survey found that almost half (48%) of all respondents would not hire their contractor for [...]

5 Easy Ways To Get Your Lawn Greener This Spring

5 EASY WAYS TO GET YOUR LAWN GREENER THIS SPRING A lush, green lawn can easily make a house look appealing, but getting that lawn takes some effort. Fortunately, this is one of the times when working smarter will lead to much better results than working harder. There are a few strategies that every aspiring gardener can employ to make sure that they have the best lawn on the block without putting in too many hours of effort. Test the Soil Everyone knows that plants need nutrients to survive, but it isn't as easy as giving them a regular dose [...]

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The Best Way to Build a Shed Base From the Ground Up

THE BEST WAY TO BUILD A SHED BASE FROM THE GROUND UP   Time and time again we’ve discussed the many options available when it comes to building a shed base. We’ve gone through the pros, the cons, the aesthetically pleasing, the permanent and the portable, but we’ve never given a definitive answer on which product we consider to be best. Today, that changes, and we’ll give you the lowdown on the product we consider to be the best, based on ease of use, price, practicality and customer satisfaction. Although slabs, concrete and wooden bases all have their merits, they [...]