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70 Spectacular Custom Kitchen Island Ideas

70 SPECTACULAR CUSTOM KITCHEN ISLAND IDEAS Time for some island hopping--right in your kitchen!  From curved marble custom kitchen islands to storage-heavy workhorse islands, we've gathered some impressive custom kitchen island ideas. The kitchen island is the social area of the kitchen. It is a popular gathering point especially for breakfast before everyone runs off to their own busy days. It also adds a lot of functionality to a kitchen, providing additional workspace and storage. Considering its central position in the kitchen, it is worth taking time to consider the best design for your kitchen island. Hopefully by

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Appliance Maintenance & When It’s Time to Replace

APPLIANCE MAINTENANCE & WHEN IT'S TIME TO REPLACE More often than not, we throw our appliances away when they break down and purchase new ones to replace them. However, it’s not always necessary. While appliances are not always as long-lasting as they were several decades ago; your appliances don’t always need to be replaced, sometimes it is a lot easier to have them repaired. The Average Appliance Lifespan It is important to know roughly how long your appliances will operate for before they need to be replaced. Here is a quick list of some of

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Before & After: Family Friendly Basement Finishing in Naperville

BEFORE & AFTER:  FAMILY FRIENDLY BASEMENT FINISHING IN NAPERVILLE It was your standard suburban basement. About one thousand square feet. Unfinished. Mechanicals. Sump pump. Support poles in the middle of the room. It was an empty space peppered with miscellaneous storage that had the potential to become a family’s dream basement. And that’s exactly what we turned it into. Now it’s a multi-functional entertaining space with loads of beautiful storage to tuck away games and toys. It’s practical and beautiful, a combination most homeowners crave. The Features For this basement remodel in Naperville, IL, the homeowners

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Sleek Stainless Steel Countertop Ideas Guide

SLEEK STAINLESS STEEL COUNTERTOP IDEAS GUIDE Zone 4 Architects, LLC Go to most restaurants and commercial kitchens and chances are they are using stainless steel countertops. Their harsh and busy working environment requires a surface that can take a beating and still look good. Most importantly, they need a surface that maintains the highest hygiene standards. Stainless steel provides these benefits and much more. You can also enjoy these benefits at home at roughly the same costs you would incur with a granite, marble or quartz countertop. If you are looking for a countertop that

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50 Interesting Mirror Ideas to Consider for Your Home

50 INTERESTING MIRROR IDEAS TO CONSIDER FOR YOUR HOME Whether you are planning a renovation or you are in the process of decorating your home, there are many interesting and beautiful mirror ideas to inspire your home’s new look. Besides the bathroom vanity mirror you use every morning, many mirrors are used for decorative purposes. From wall mirror art to mirrored backsplashes in the kitchen, mirrors have become a familiar part of home décor. Modern mirror styles are increasingly creative and unique, partly because of new technologies and partly because homeowners are looking for something distinctive. Decorating

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41 Cozy Nook Ideas You’ll Want in Your Home

41 COZY NOOK IDEAS YOU'LL WANT IN YOUR HOME In this article, we have an assortment of cozy nook ideas for you. They include breakfast nook ideas, reading nook ideas, kitchen nook ideas, kids' nook ideas and so much more. Cozy nooks are great for everyone. You can create one for your kids to read in or make one for yourself to snuggle in when the weather is chilly. Large kitchens and spacious living rooms are all great and we love them, but sometimes you want crawl up inside a cozy space and escape to a world of

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Improving Your Space With a Modern Bathroom Sink

IMPROVING YOUR SPACE WITH A MODERN BATHROOM SINK A modern bathroom sink can improve the look and functionality of your space, but considering that so many different types are available; it is imperative to think carefully before making your selection. Each contemporary sink has its own unique advantages and disadvantages.  You will need to take practicality and durability into account in addition to aesthetic appearance when making your choice. In this blog, we’ll explore the different features and qualities of modern bathroom sinks, helping you to decide which style is best suited to your specific space.

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Need New Flooring? – 6 Reasons to Select Carpet for Your Next Project

NEED NEW FLOORING? - 6 REASONS TO SELECT CARPET FOR YOUR NEXT PROJECT Spring is always a good time to spruce up your home or to revamp the house interior. Most people simply resort to the dreaded annual decluttering and deep spring cleaning, but there are those who are already “window shopping" online for new paint colors or a colorful plush carpet to change the look of their bedrooms, living room or family room. They are eagerly coming up with ideas on how best to remodel their home. So, we can all agree that a dream renovation

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12 Home Improvements and the Best Month for Each

12 HOME IMPROVEMENTS AND THE BEST MONTH FOR EACH Planning for the next big home improvement project even after you’ve recently completed a renovation, is normal. With home design, there’s always another project to tackle, new technologies to integrate and color schemes to change. To better organize your home improvement goals and increase your odds of project success, consider the best times to complete the following common home improvements. 1. January: Carpet Cleaning Winter creates a major mess both indoors and outdoors. Thanks to the harsh elements, carpeted floors hold significant amounts of grime

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45 Basement Kitchenette Ideas to Help You Entertain in Style

45 BASEMENT KITCHENETTE IDEAS TO HELP YOU ENTERTAIN IN STYLE Basement kitchenettes are starting to gain popularity as more and more basements are turned into warm living areas.  We are seeing many homeowners including a kitchenette or some type of beverage center in their basement renovation plans. In almost all cases, a basement kitchenette is a small part of a larger basement living area. For example, you might have a family room in the basement with a kitchenette built at one end.  Maybe you have a theater area with a kitchenette nearby where the family can enjoy some refreshments;

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